Symbols, fonts, nicks

Text borders and dividers ✿ ═✧═ ✿ with symbols to copy

Borders and text dividers ━━ ✧ ✿ ✧ ━━ to decorate your phrases, messages, and other designs with aesthetic symbols, lines, arrows, hearts, and other decorative elements for use on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more..

▷ Aesthetic messages with emojis (◕‿◕)❤️


In this publication we find aesthetic messages with emojis, they are examples decorated with symbols, emojis, kaomojis that you can copy to paste on your favorite social network.

❤ Aesthetic love phrases copy paste ✧❤️✧

In this publication we share messages and phrases with romantic words of love that you can use to dedicate to your favorite person, your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and others.

Aesthetic emojis of love


Very nice love emojis to send through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other networks to your partner or loved one, you can accompany it with a romantic message and other symbols.

▷ Kawaii aesthetic emojis to copy ✍(◔ ‿◔)❤

We share a publication of kawaii emojis or kaomojis made with the keyboard and symbols, along with ascii characters and others to copy and paste.

Aesthetic letters to copy and paste

In this post we share different types of beautiful aesthetic letters, which you can copy and paste in your favorite places, for example cursive, separated, large, small and others.

Aesthetic love symbols copy and paste

In this publication you will find the most used aesthetic symbols of love in social networks to copy and paste in addition to their meanings.

Aesthetic symbols to copy and paste

Cute aesthetic symbols for text decorations, copy and paste on social networks Instagram, facebook, youtube, tik tok, etc.

❤️ Symbols of hearts to copy and paste ♥ღ


Hearts aesthetic symbols to copy and paste on Instagram, whatsapp, Facebook and other social networks, we will also see some decorations that can be made using the signs of black, white, red hearts and others.

Happy birthday copy and paste text art

Happy birthday aesthetic texts, very beautiful to copy and paste on Instagram, facebook, whatsapp and other social networks. In this publication we will see examples of text art decorations to congratulate the birthday boy.

▷ Aesthetic names for Fortnite ϞΨξ

Aesthetic Nicks for your Fortnite account, as well as aesthetic symbols and characters that you can incorporate into your favorite game username.

▷ Nicks aesthetic for social networks, Instagram (✿ ♥‿♥)

Aesthetic nicknames for social networks like Instagram, facebook, twitter, Youtube and others. Some of them with special symbols and letters to copy and paste into your user account.

Symbols and signs

If you are looking to decorate your texts, to send a much more attractive message on social networks and not go unnoticed, you can use pretty symbols and you will find them in several publications in this space, for example stars forming figures in some combinations, hearts for romantic messages, also emojis combined with special characters, etc. There are many ways of doing it.

Borders and dividers for texts

An interesting way to decorate the texts to send them through the chat or comments is by using the borders, for example you can write a nice romantic message and place some lines with hearts around it forming a very nice design or you can also use a fragment of a poem or song and accompany it with dividers made up of flowers, emojis, roses, etc. What comes to mind. In this space we will see many examples in the publications, which can serve as a basis for making your own designs.